Hello and welcome to friends and visitors who just came by.

My Qualification's

I can use the following PC. Programs:

Few programs are Danish versions.

· Dos shell
· Norton Commander
· Windows Commander
· Windows based programs
· Windows Internet Explorer

· Other programs
· Word Perfect
· Adobe PageMaker
· Adobe PhotoShop
· Adobe Illustrator
· 3D Studio Max
· Autocad

· DTP - Desk Top Publishing
· HTML programming.
· Autocadcad help menu editing
(Lines, layers, page format etc.)

· Good at drawing, all-round.

Other Qualifications:

I am,
· Creative,
· Systematic,
· Stabile,
· Stubbern,
· Curious,
· Quick learner,
· Survey of things,
· Honest,
· Good at English typing, reading and speaking.
(Thou my born language is Danish.)

I help other people with their homepages.
Helped with graphics to a paper known as "Erhvervs højskolens Avis" and I also made some graphics for the paper homepage.
Some time I had the function of helping teacher at "Graphic and Journalistic" curses. Teaching in the use of different computer programs.
Sutch as:
· Photoshop, Pagemaker and Word.

Below you can read what I have been doing and when.

Education and Course

September 2004 - October 2004

The first part of an 7 step education to become, Academic youth consultant. In danish called: Akademisk Ungdoms Pædagog.

March 2004

Partisipated in a course. About the consern of mis-treated/guided and non functionell youngsters.

May 2001 to July 2002

Technical Design study.
(stoped before time because i edjucateded more than i studied)

July 1999 to December 1999

Graphic and Journalistic Course.

October 1996 to August 1997

Course at; Erhvervs Højskolen In Albertslund.

August 1994

Started 2. School period at; Roskilde Technique school.

August 1993

Started at; Copenhagen Technique school. For studying to Technique Assistant.

August to December 1992

ASK folk high school, south of Århus.

Spring 1991

14 days work practice in computer repair shop at RISØ near Roskilde

Summer 1990

Language learning trip to Paington; England.

Autumn 1989

One-week school practice at Schon Repro Aps. In Greve.


october 2003 to ?

Working at a youth club in Sophiegade 13A at Christianshavn
(For kids at age 10 - 18+ (Young people with dispension can stay a little longer))

March 2003 to October 2003

Worked at a manned playground at Christianshavns Voldgade 35.
(For kids at age 0 - 99+)

September 1997 to August 1998

Worked in an integrated institution called Sjællandsgade 51.
(For kids at age 7 - 15)


Worked in an after-school centre.
(For kids at age 6 - 11)

January 1994

Started 1. Practice period at F.L.S. Automation.

Summer 1993

Worked at a private school, as janitor and sometimes I also looked after the troublesome kids.

Spring 1993

Worked as Cleaning assistant at Greve Municipality office.

Spring 1990

Worked at a Gas station after school and in weekends.