Diferent links
I use from time to time.
Most of them is in Danish language

For my curently studyes I use the following danish sites:
Social ministeriet's Hjemmeside
Civilstyrelsen's Hjemmeside
Lovgivning og ret's Hjemmeside
Pædagogisk, Psykologisk, Rådgivning In Denmark.

Links to Community sites of Copenhagen.
Pædagogisk, Psykologisk, Rådgivning I København.
Københavns kommune statistisk kontor
Link's to my old home site's.
old site 4 this is the site as it looked before 12/12/00
old site 5 this is the site as it looked before 07/05/05
Link to a site im working on when I give it time. X2 the Threat Still need to do som graphic adjustments.

1 - Hosting of this home site

KRAFTWERK Im of the belive that this group of magicians is the best Techno music creators ever.
Disneyland After Dark The best and greatest danish rock band to date
Pink Floyd Simply the best, is all that i can ever say about this rockig music and lyrics.
Queen "We are all winners no one ever has to loose" so true. Great lyrics.

U Flekû When visiting this brewery ask for the "U Flekû" beer 13º lagar.


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Enter the home of ~~@zf@1t~~