The date of today is 07/26/05

Hello and welcome to friends and visitors who just came by.

Most of my friends know me by the name Azfalt or ~~@zf@1t~~
Thou my real name is Allan.

What is there to tell and where do I begin? Well ill start like this... I'm realy good at drawing almost anything. My family even say, I was born with a pen in my hand. I use lot of my spare time with drawing, cycling (Mountainbike) and editing different homepages that I have made or helped with. I also chat once and awhile with friends over the ICQ network chat, Or in diferent chat rooms. I also play RolePlayingGames (RPG for short) most computer based but alse with dises, pen and paper.

What kind of person am I?
Well that's a tough question to ask yourself and even to answer, but I'll try to do so, yet briefly.

I'm dificult to get at at first. More directly I stand in the back to mesure out people. Before I'll let them in on me, and letting them to get knoledge about me. (In chat rooms that often changes thou)
I'm better at typing my feelings and thoughts. Then i am expressing them by speach or gestures (bodylanguage). This can somtimes get me into arkwarded situations both job wise and with friends. It has however been more seldom at the later years. I like to think that its like that anyway.

I have had a realy active life doing gymnastics, swimming and riding bicycle in my youth but that all changed when i had a neck injury at school gymnastic. At that time i was told to take some timme off doing sports for some 6 months. But it costed me my place at the swimmig team and I was taken off the school gymnastics too. So I hav'nt ben swimming mutch since then. I had another back injury a few years later at a sking vacation. A few years ago i destroyed my mountainbike in a crash and broke a few bones and got some bruises. Back at the time when i broke my back at the sking insident, at that point I realise that edjucation don't realy matter that mutch. Because nobody will never know, when accidents hits.
Therefore i'm self learned in most ways.
One of my most used mottoes is "I can do everything, I just have to learn it first" with that i mean, that theres a lot of books at the library, there is diferent classes and studie groups. But most important place i've learned from is the realitionship between me and thoes I have worked and studied with.

So a brief but from my heart:

Thank you all, for teaching me,
and helping me to become the person i am today

You might get the impression, that i'm a bit clumsy due to the few but somewhat fatal accidents i have ben throue.
I got that idea that it somwhat has ben a guidance for me, to get me where I am at curent. And I'm still learning to never take life itself for granted.

I'm stubbern at times and dificult to persuade othervise, when I first get my minde in one direction. This stubberness has also helped me through tuff times of training. Even with insane pain all over I grinded my teath together and stod the distance. I don't think many can take that amount of pain without quitting at some point.

Downterms of being stubbern is when, as far as I recall. I seldomly draw back from or even avoid discussions, the only few times I've done so, was because I was afraid to get my head punched off, of my torso. Or because I was of that beliefe that it would be a waste of my time aswell as the time of thoes nearby.

it turned to be a little more than briefly, at curent time I will focus on updating primarily in Danish language. Because most of whar happens around and with me has somthing to do with lav and government and doctor material isues, realy boring and dry stuff. Espesialy for people who cant relate to or have an idea of how the Dansih help system should or do work. But when I have more common related to type about I intend to update in English language agin, until then stay patient.
Maby I'll type somthing more in near feature. At curent I can't say for sure.

If you want to know more about what I have been doing for the past years in schematic, you can press the button named "More about me".
If you have any comments or find som errors at this site then you are most welcom to contact me by E-Mail.
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See you around somewhere, someday or sometime.

Sincearly ~~@zf@1t~~